Tiny Weddings

2020 has changed the events world significantly, and tiny weddings are here to stay. Some of you may have always wanted a smaller wedding, but felt pressure from your families to invite EVERYONE. Some of you may have had to drastically alter your plans. It can be difficult to wrap your brain around a wedding that is different from the one you always dreamed about, growing up. Or convince your mom that this new vision is going to be magical. We have seen our share of intimate weddings and can promise you that your wedding day can still be a dream come true. 

Smaller guest counts allow for a different experience for your guests. Our tiny wedding couples have the time to enjoy the company of their VIPs, on a completely different level. No hopping from one table to the next just to say hi, and wishing you had more time to visit. You have the entire day to enjoy being around your family and closest friends, and live in the experience of your wedding day. 

If you are able to keep a similar budget to your "big wedding" budget, your budget per guest will go up significantly, as well. Many couples, who are in pre-covid contracts, but are limited to their guest count, may want to consider moving forward in 2021, and create an unforgettable wedding for their VIPs. Full wedding weekends, activities, beautiful design, photographers documenting rehearsal dinners, etc. can all be incorporated into your wedding, if you chose to limit the size. So many couples are commenting on how their mini-moon was exactly what they didn't know they needed. These small events are incredibly intimate, and so special, it completely changes the feel of your day in a positive way. 

Jennilynn's Events has specialized in backyard weddings since 2007. And we anticipate this trend is going to be huge, when we can hold weddings again. We have transformed countless private properties into wedding venues, with our vendor teams. Layout design and rentals are a big part of this process, and can be overwhelming for couples and their families. Let us know if we can help, whether it is starting from scratch, changing your plans, or just getting you from where you are through your wedding day!

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